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The GDPR: there is no way round it. But how do you approach it? Fortunately, there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel because we already have it for you. The result is Solvinx: an integrated, future-proof privacy management solution.  

The SMART PIA module of Solvinx provides for the demonstrability of the six most important administrative components of the GDPR.


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The main administrative components of the GDPR demonstrably under control.

With Solvinx you can pull out all the stops for GDPR compliance

Solvinx is a comprehensive platform for managing your privacy administration and consists of the following modules: SMART PIA, SMART Studio, SMART Dashboard, SMART Connector, SMART Opt-in and SMART Services.




You can use SMART PIA to draw up a questionnaire-based Record of processing activities, perform Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and record supplier data, including data processing agreements. The workflow to be applied can be configured extremely flexibly and adjusted to the situation and processes in your organisation. The possible risks or gaps and control measures required that emerge from the questionnaires and DPIA are handled fully automatically in SMART PIA. SMART PIA is also highly suitable for recording data breaches and complying with the right of data subjects to access the data.

SMART Studio

The SMART Studio module allows you to draw up different policies, regulations, business vocabulary and company rules, providing coherence, store them centrally and use them over and over again. This promotes consistency, traceability and clarity in the relationship between privacy regulation, implementation and execution. 

SMART Dashboard

SMART Dashboard gives you perfect information on your privacy status using effective dashboards – real-time information on the basis of all the data in SMART PIA. The number of DPIAs can be viewed at every level from different perspectives. For example, you can see how many assessments are in progress by country or by operating unit in your organisation. The filter function can also be used to select by assessments in progress.
All kinds of dashboards are easy to view using the browser. 

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GDPR demonstrably under control

Structure in the GDPR process

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The tool for your full privacy administration


Solvinx data protection and privacy management: this is how it works!