Privacy management for local government

The introduction of GDPR has caused many headaches for the business community. In municipalities, that burden is felt even more heavily. GDPR also enforces the rights of citizens, such as the right to be forgotten or to make subject access requests at any time. With Solvinx you are not alone as a Data Protection Officer!

"Get a grip on the high privacy requirements for local government"

GDPR demonstrably under control

With Solvinx you get a grip on the personal data of citizens and you comply with the accountability of GDPR. Solvinx is a unique platform developed by USoft that offers the concept of solid tooling, services and training that gives municipalities demonstrable control over privacy legislation and other regulations. After an implementation of about ten days you can start! This means you do not have stress about the following challenges:

  • The responsibility for managing and providing personal data of a citizen: the accountability and assurance of the most important measures, processes, systems and activities in terms of privacy of your citizens.
  • The conformance of your municipality. This is more important since citizens and companies are obliged to provide their data. 
  • Data breaches. Recent research shows that the majority of municipalities have already had to deal with this, with identity fraud being the ultimate nightmare.

Our customers

Your associates at Eindhoven City Council and the Ministry of Security and Justice amongst others, are already working with Solvinx. Are you next?

How does Solvinx solve privacy management for municipalities?

To make your municipality GDPR compliant, we have implemented the following measures among others:

  • Performing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), the completion of the Data Processing Register and the drawing up of mitigating measures in response to discovered risks and shortcomings. Especially for the municipalities, Solvinx uses applied best-practice questionnaires.
  • Determination of the risk level based on a triage using legal requirements.
  • Setting up and implementing a solid workflow, an authorized procedure to keep full control.
  • Supporting the data breach procedure, the registration and handling of data subjects' rights, so that you can keep an overview and you are demonstrably in control.
  • Quick and complete overview of the status of all processing and processes through a dashboard with visual reporting capabilities.

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Simple and clear registration of personal data

The Solvinx platform is known by our user group as being user-friendly, characterised by having simple process flows, a clear progress control and has a logical structure of process steps.

simple process flows

clear progress control

logical structure

Solvinx: your partner for privacy management and GDPR implementations

We have over 30 years of experience in the government, in supporting organisations with making their operational processes smarter and more efficient. Our software is hosted in a Dutch data centre and you can connect through our English spoken support desk.

USoft regularly organises user meetings where new wishes can be added to the tool for local government. In this way, the solution developed by and for users for your municipality remains up-to-date.