29 Oct 2018
Albert Holl

Close your privacy gap with OpenGDPR

A new open-source framework has been launched for handling data subject access requests. The abundance of GDPR compliance tools, templates and schemes to draw up your very own processing protocols and agreements was recently supplemented by OpenGDPR.  
3 May 2018
Boris Jeene Castro

After all, data breaches are inevitable…

Benjamin Franklin is convinced: “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” An interesting perspective, especially in a world where we are sharing a tremendous and increasing amount of data. 
20 Apr 2018
Albert Holl

Data protection: a matter of CSR or 'CSI'

We wonder what would have happened if Facebook and Cambridge Analytica had been exposed in a month or two.
15 Feb 2018
Boris Jeene Castro

Targeting children under 16 with your apps or services?

In 2017 alone 157 billion apps were downloaded, illustrating that technology knows no boundaries. But of course, in relation to making apps and services for children there must be limits. We are curious: How are you going to deal with these new responsibilities?